Developing new Party members is one of the tasks that the Party cell of Ton Duc Thang Museum always pays attention to. In recent years, Ton Duc Thang Museum has had many comrades such as trade union members, the elite masses who constantly strive, train cultivate revolutionary morality, and are paid attention and fostered by the Party Committee and Party cell to educate and to foster for soon being stood in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

     On the morning of April 4, 2019, with the agreement of the Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh’s Department of Culture and Sports, the Party cell of Ton Duc Thang Museum held the admission Ceremony for the elite trade unionist, Mr. Le Thanh Dien

     Attending the ceremony there were the presence of Mr. Phan Thanh Tuan - Standing Member of the Executive Committee of the Trade Union of the Department of Culture and Sports; Mr. Pham Thanh Nam - Party cell Secretary, Director of Ton Duc Thang Museum and all party members in the Party cell and some comrades who are party sympathizers; and the Executive Boards of two organizations Trade union and Youth union.

     Representative of the Party Committee, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Khanh Hang- Deputy Secretary of the Party cell, Deputy Director of the museum read the Party admission decision of the Party Committee of agencies - unions and government's sector for the elite mass Le Thanh Dien. Under the Party flag, the National flag and the portrait of President Ho Chi Minh, the new party member promissed to make constant efforts for fulfilling the tasks of a Communist Party member.

     On behalf of the Party cell, Mr. Pham Thanh Nam - Secretary of the Party cell of Ton Duc Thang Museum handed over the Party admission Decision and congratulated Mr. Le Thanh Dien on after a period of striving and training that was honored to stand in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam. He acknowledged the efforts of the new party member in the past time and asked Mr. Le Thanh Dien to continue to promote the role of responsibility in the striving for his improvement, training, striving, studying and raising political awareness and professional capacity, contributing to build a clean and strong party cell and fulfilling the duties of a party member, especially well implementing regulations on what party members must not do. Simultaneously, he assigned official party members to help Mr. Dien for becoming an official party member on time.

     At present, the Party cell of Ton Duc Thang Museum has had 11 party members, including 09 official party members. To implement the training of party members well, training revolutionary generations to continue the glorious cause of the Party and to contribute to the development of Ton Duc Thang Museum's Party cell in both quantity and quality for the young Party members with qualifications and capabilities for contributing to the Party's glorious revolutionary cause.

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