Permanent exhibitions

1. The exhibition room: The Life and career of President Ton Duc Thang

   The room is displayed in the chronicles of the significant marks in the life of revolutionary activities of President Ton Duc Thang along with the process of Vietnam revolution history in the nearly modern period. Materials and objects displayed prove the process of taking form, growing the thinking, actions and significant events during over 90 years of President Ton Duc Thangs life: from his childhood at his native place of Long Xuyen, An Giang province until the time of being a head of state. It can be said that President Ton Duc Thang, one of the pioneer soldiers of the movement of our countrys working class, manifest not only the organizing ability of a leader but he also contribute a lot of significant reasoning to enrich the Ho Chi Minhs Ideology, bequeathing for our party many valuable lessons, particularly in building the national solidarity front. He has reserved all his life to struggle for the national liberation cause, Fatherland unification, for humans peace and progress.


2. The exhibition room: 15 years imprisonment in Con Dao

    On 26/7/1929, Ton Duc Thang was sentenced to 20 years hard labour by the court overseeing the Barbier Road case. On 2/7/1930, the ship Armand Rousseau deliveried prisoners from Sai Gon to Con Dao including Prisoner Number 5289.20TF Ton Duc Thang. Then, until 23/9/1945, Ton Duc Thang was to live through the regulations of five prison directors.

    During those 15 years, Ton Duc Thang not only lived but also fought against the harsh rules and diseases created by the enemy to kill both the body and spirits of prisoners. From Banh I (prison block 1), So Luoi (prisoner fishing area), Xa Lim 15 (solitary cell No. 15) to the scariest place in Con Dao, Ham Xay Lua (rice grinding cellar used for murdering prisoners), prisoner number 5289.20TF never gave up and not only adapted to but also improved the situation, and turned the prison into a "Revolutionary School".  

    General Secretary Le Duan commented: "Uncle Ton was imprisoned in Con Dao for 15 years but was always optimistic, loved life. That is, a revolutionary soldier, unshakable in his beliefs, a very fervent, honest, selfless man ".


3. The exhibition room : Uncle Ton at Viet Bac Safety Zone

  In the room, we display the model of the house on stills with daily things of Uncle Ton during the time he lived and operated at Viêt Bac base. The displays help the viewers to more clearly understand Uncle Tons role during the 09 years of protracted resistance of our people in Viet Bac forests. As the Head of  Central  patriotic Competition Maneuvering Committee together with all people realizing the calls of patriotic Competition of President Ho Chi Minh. Uncle Ton has laid the foundation for the vitality of  patriotic Competition, turning it into the main policy, the political culture of Vietnamese people. The activities of Uncle Ton at Viet Bac base linked with a heroic stage of national history in the 20th century.


4. The exhibition Uncle Ton in Fine Arts Works

The Museum displays the Fine Arts Works executed by group, individual, craftsmen with all of their spirit and heart. They drew the portraits of Uncle Ton with the lively, unique sense from various substances in which there are materials of profound native fragrance as rice- grains, sesame-grains, pottery, porcelain ... All the objects bequeath the people, especially the coming generations the works with profound human value.



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