Summing up the 12th drawing contest “Children of HCM City with Uncle Ton” with the theme “Uncle Ton with the Workers”

     Practically celebrating the 129th birthday of President Ton Duc Thang(20/8/1888 - 20/8/2017), on the morning of August 12th 2017, Ton Duc Thang museum held the summing- up ceremony of the 12th drawing contest “Children of HCM City with Uncle Ton” with the theme “Uncle Ton with the workers”.

     With 259 individual paintings and 20 collective paintings of all the contestants in 2017, members of examiners selected 90 paintings to award the prize, including 14 special prizes giving to the children who are in unlucky circumtances, disable and affected by Agent Orange…

     The contest not only succeeded in educating the children who drink water, remember the source, dearly love and respect the celebrity - President Ton Duc Thang, but also helped parents, cadres in charge of children's houses, schools, teachers, sponsors, journalists, etc… that go together with this activity having deeper understanding about President Ton Duc Thang's life and career.

     The Organization Board is looking forward to the teachers who continue to guide the contestants attending and winning the prizes in the next time. The Organization Board would like to thank the agencies, departments, organizations and individuals that have supported, created conditions, helped for the success of the drawing contest. We sincerely thank the sponsors and are looking forward to receiving your companion in the future.

     Some photos of the summing- up ceremony:

Children of Hoa Binh Village in the summing- up ceremony

The Organization Board gave prizes to the contestants

The Organization Board cut the ribbon to open the 12th painting exhibition “Children of HCM City with Uncle Ton” in 2017

Contestants’parents and contestants were visiting the 12th drawing contest “Children of HCM City with Uncle Ton” in 2017

The contestants of Hoa Binh Village were happy when they received the special prizes

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