Uncle Ton with the First National Assembly of Vietnam (1946 - 1960)

    On the occasion of the 36nd President Ton Duc Thang’s death Commemoration  (March 30th 1980 – March 30th 2016),  towards people throughout the day Parliamentary elections and people’s Coucils at all levels, Ton Duc Thang Museum opening subject display “Uncle Ton with the First National Assembly of Vietnam (1946-1960)”.

      On January 6th, 1946, the first time in the history, 25 million of Vietnamese people, from 18 years old onwards voted the first National Assembly. There were 403 representatives in the whole country (of which Tonkin of 152, Central Region of 108, and Southern Region of 73, and 70 unelecting representatives); with workers and farmers occupied 87% of the total representatives, 10 representatives of women. Saigon and Cholon people voted Mr. Ton Duc Thang as a Congressman of the first National Assembly. Due to the war situation, the operation term of the first National Assembly lasted for 14 years (1/1946 - 5/1960), with 12 sessions, the 1st National Assembly had considered and enacted 1946 and 1959 Constitutions and many other laws, laying the important political legal foundation, especially the establishment of the constitutionality and legal Government leaded by President Ho Chi Minh, to hold the people for carrying out a war of resistance, national construction, implementation the domestic and foreign policies.

      With above 60 documents, pictures, exhibits introduce to public for more knowledgable and grateful Uncle Ton, with role deputy head of the Committee, Head of the National Assembly Standing Committee, Mr.Ton Duc Thang had an important contribution into the successful implementation of the resistance war against the French colonialists, through the rehabilitation plans, rehabilitation and economic development, culture and build of people's democratic regime step by step.

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