The collection "The poitraits of President Ton Duc Thang though artwoks"

     The collection consists of 63 objests that are Uncle Ton’s paintings and statues of artists and artisans to show their affection and enthusiasm for depicting Uncle Ton’s beautiful, vivid and unique image through form of expression as well as plentiful materials such as: stamps, gems, telephone wires, natural sand, wood, melaleuca bark, glass, pottery, porcelain,...

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The collection “Objects about president Ton Duc Thang’s daily life”

The collection consists of 141 objects that are daily life items, costumes, medical instruments for Uncle Ton’s treatment. Some typical objects in the collection:   BED Mr. and Mrs.Tran Dinh Tuy (maternal grandparents of Uncle Ton’s wife – Mrs.Doan Thi Giau) gave to Uncle Ton and his wife at their marriage in 1921 Vinh Kim Commune, Chau Thanh District, Tien Giang...

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Collection "Gifts of organizations and individuals gave to President Ton Duc Thang"

The collection includes 105 objects that are divided into two groups: Group 1: "GIFTS OF DOMESTIC ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS GAVE TOPRESIDENT TON DUC THANG"      The collection consists of 43 objects that are given to Uncle Ton by domestic organizations and individuals to express their love and gratitude to the thrift, honesty and righteousness leader and devoted the whole...

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The collection “Awards and gifts of President Ton Duc Thang”

     The collection consists of 26 objects that are awadrs and gifts of President Ton Duc Thang donated to recognize the contribution of the collectives and individuals in the protection and construction the country and simultaneously show Uncle Ton’s respectful affection, trust and love for his compatriots, comrades and friends. Some typical objects in the...

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Collection "Instrument set for carpentry and repair vihicles of President Ton Duc Thang"

      The instrument set includes 41 tools that Uncle Ton "collect" in many years after returning to Ha Noi from Viet Bac war site (1955). These devices such as:esteeaus, maletes, drills, pliers, chisels, augers ... that Uncle Ton bought or his family and friends presented to him because they knew he loves working and dexterity. These simple ones like spiral tools, wood-chisels,...

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Collection "Handwritings of President Ton Duc Thang"

     With 37 objects, besides the others are job and study notebooks, exchanged letters on work, and the rest ones are 31 letters of Uncle Ton sent to his friends, comrades and offsprings. In addition to expressing great love, the letters contain the thoughful words, advices with deep education. Educating the collectivity character, enduring the hardships, consolidating challenges...

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Collection "Noble rewards of President Ton Duc Thang"

The collection consists of 4 objects that introduced the noble reward to recognize the merits of President Ton Duc Thang to the revolutionary achievement of Vietnam, the communist and international workers’s movement.   Gold Star Medal - the highest medal of our State that Uncle Ton is the first to be awarded on the occasion of 70th  His birthday (8/20/1888 -...

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Impression Book
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