1888: born on  August  20 at Ong Ho Isle, My Hoa Hung Village, Dinh Thanh Canton, Long Xuyen Province (now My Hoa Hung Commune, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province)

1906: came to Saigon for apprentice and mechanic.

1912: organized the strike among students of Asia Mechanics School (also called Ba Nghe School) – now the Cao Thang Technical College), this movement was supported by Ba Son workers.

1915 – 1917: learned mechanics at Mechanical Engineering Asia, but having not finished the course, he was mobilized to France to be a sapper to serve World War I. Ton Duc Thang worked on the France battleship, Arsenal workshop, Toulon military port.

1919: joined the anti-war movement on the France battleship at the Black Sea.

1920: deported from France, came back to Sai Gon, founded the Secret Union, led the the strike of Ba Son workers in August 1925.

1926: joined the Vietnamese Youth Revolution Association, the predecessor of the Party.

1927: elected to the Municipal Executive Committee of Saigon - Cho Lon and the Southern Regional Headquarter.

Late 1929: seized by the French colonialists in the case of Barbier, sentenced of 20 of penal servitude, exiled to Poulo Condor.

1945: after the August Revolution, returned the mainland and participated Southern Resistance Committee.

1946: elected the First National Assembly Representative of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Deputy Chairman of National Union of Vietnam.

1947: appointed the General Inspector of the Government and Acting Minister of Interior.

1948: Acting Head of the National Assembly Standing Committee, Head of Central Patriotism Competition Launching Committee.

1950: Chairman of Vietnam – Soviet Friendship Society.

1951: member of Party Central Committee, Chairman of Lien Viet Front.

Head of the National Assembly Standing Committee, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, member of World Peace, Honorary Chairman of Vietnam’s World Peace Protection Committee.

1960: Vice President of Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

1969: President of Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

1976: President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

1980: passed away on March 30 in Ha Noi, buried in Mai Dich Cemetery

         President Ton Duc Thang was honorably received the Gold Star Medal – the noblest medal of Vietnam, the Lenin Medal of the Soviet Russia, Soukhe-Bator Medal of Mongolia and many other noble awards.

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