Sổ lưu Niệm 3


 It's a good place to visit. I'm lucky to be here. God blesses Vietnam forever.
                                                                                                August 21, 2011

The visit to this museum was very informative. We learnt a heap about the history of Vietnam. The staff here are very educated and disseminated a wealth of information about Uncle Ton and his role in building the political culture of this country.
                                                                                                IDA LEE


I have lived in HCM city for sometime but this is my first visit to the Ton Duc Thang museum. I was really interested to look around the museum. I found it was full of very interesting objects and I really appereciated the English translations. This was a really worthwhile visit and I feel should be made more known to tourists.
                                                                                           November 23, 2010 
                                                                                   Australian living in HCM city     
                                                                                                Dvatt Kyracou

Today on the 17th of Feb. 2011 I visit this beautiful museum.
I am very pleased to see all the great advances in Vietnam after many years of struggle for freedom and independence.
I gives me great satisfaction, since in the years of being a student at the University of Lund Sweden fighting, marching and collecting money for your country now being able to visit for the fisrt time.
All my blessing to your achievements.
To the people of many smiles
                                                                                              Jan Svante Vanbart
                                                                                        University of Lund Sweden

Visiting this museum and reflecting on " Uncle Ton's" journey through life as a socialist fighting for freedom in his own country is a reminder of the price that so many people all over the world have and are still prepared to pay to liberate us from  oppression whatever form it takes. Freedom, which many of us take for granted.

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