The land of 4000-year land of documents and literature has generated Ho Chi Minh and Ton Duc Thang, two eminent sons of the Vietnamese who glorify Vietnam country.

    Uncle Ho and Uncle Ton were born at two different regions of the country. They had different childhood. Each of them selected an individual way to step into the life. They finally met, becoming intimate friends, side by side to struggle for the career of national liberation, the independence and freedom to the Fatherland.

    During the country sank in darkness, our people lived in misery under the condition of losing the country, among the guns fighting invaders resounding everywhere, at Ong Ho Islet, on 20 August 1888, Uncle Ton was born. It was the man who then became the most typical essence of revolutionary virtue and the manner of Vietnam working class.

    Two years later, at Hoang Tru Village, Nghe An, Nguyen Sinh Cung was born on 19 May 1890. He was our Beloved Uncle Ho, who became the noble emblem, the great pride of our people.

    Although both of them were thousands of kilometres apart, Ton Duc Thang and Nguyen Sinh Cung all grew up in the invaded country, among slave people. They had to witness the savage crimes done by French Colonialists on their people.

    In 1911, Uncle Ho left Nha Rong Port to look for the way to save the country on the ship Latuache de Fravelle. In France, He executed actively. In December 1920, he joined the 18th Congress of the French Society Party, agreeing to join the International III, voting to establish the French Communist Party, becoming the first communist of Vietnamese working class.

    The time from 1925 to 1930 was the propagation of Marxism – Leninism to the workers movement and patriotism movement in Vietnam with the operation of Vietnam Revolution Youth. In the year of 1930, the Indochina Communist Party (Vietnam Communist Party now) came into existence, terminating the crisis of revolutionary way, confirming the revolutionary leadership of Vietnam working class represented by Vietnam Communist Party.

    At the same time, in 1906, Uncle Ton left his native land of An Giang for Saigon to learn and work. He became a worker and then learnt at Asia Mechanical School. In 1916, Uncle was driven to France as a worker soldier. During the time working on the France battleship, there was a resounding event in the international worker movement. It was the mutiny of the French sailors to protest the attack of imperialist countries on Soviet Government. Uncle Ton was the person hoisting the antiwar red flag. Such action of Uncle Ton represented Vietnam working class to show the international proletarian spirit. In 1920, Uncle Ton founded the first union in Vietnam. Under the leadership of the Union, the struggle movement of Saigon – Cho Lon workers turned to a new step from spontaneity to self-awareness with the struggle of over 1000 Ba Son workers in August 1925. The Secret Union of Uncle Ton was the fertile land for the revolutionary seed of Uncle Ho to fruit.

    Early 1946, Uncle Ton was directed to the Central. Uncle Ton had the honour to meet Uncle Ho here. From that time on, the two Uncles were always side by side to lead the resistance war.

    Responding the campaign of “Country-loving resistance war” launched by Uncle Ho, Uncle Ton and the competitive units, industries called to guide people to compete patriotism naming “exterminating hunger, illiteracy, invaders” accelerating the resistance war to run fast and smoothly.

    After 09 years of the anti-French colonialist resistance war, the North was in peace. Uncle Ho, Uncle Ton and the Central Party and the Government returned to Ha Noi. After that, the two Uncles began the career of socialism construction in the North and fighting US Imperialists in the South.

    On 19 August 1958 at Ba Dinh Club, Uncle Ho, on behalf of the People and the Government, awarded Uncle Ton the Gold Star Order on the occasion of His 70th birth-anniversary. This is the noble award of our country and Uncle Ton was the first person to receive.

    “Solidarity makes great solidarity
     Success makes great success”.

    It can be said that Uncle Ho was the soul of the great solidarity policy and Uncle Ton was the typical person of that policy. At the 11th session of the 1st National Assembly, Uncle Ho embraced and kissed Uncle Ton to express the revolutionary spirit, the fast comradeship. Uncle Ho’s happiness was also Uncle Ton’s.
    On 15 July 1960, Uncle Ton was voted by the National Assembly to be the Vice President of Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Despite which positions in the Party and the State, the two Uncles were always the valuable typical examples of revolutionary ethics.

    No matter how busy they were, the two Uncles always paid attention to the children, the hope of the country, the future owner of the society as Uncle Ho used to say:

    “For the interest in ten years, we plant
    For the interest in a century, we educate”.

    While our people and army were ascending to victory, due to old age and weak health after nearly 60 years of revolutionary operation, Uncle Ho left us forever on 02 September 1969. Uncle Ton and the Party and State leaders kept watches day and night on His coffin.

    Continuing the road of national liberation, executing Uncle Ho’s Testament, succeeding the career of President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Uncle Ton led our People in the North and the South to both construct the socialism in the North, and lead the anti-American resistance war to its final triumph.

    On 02 September 1945, Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, Ha Noi, to father the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. On 15 May 1975, Uncle Ton delivered The Lecture welcoming the victory of 30 April 1975” in Saigon – Gia Dinh City, to complete the national liberation, to make Vietnam become a nation of independence and freedom.

    The two Uncles have spent all their life-spans for the struggle of the people, founding a new society in national history. They are bright examples for Vietnamese generations to follow. Vietnam Revolutionary History everlastingly carves the great friendship between Uncle Ho and Uncle Ton.

    Today, all of us must learn from the two Uncles their ethics and virtues. The two Uncles’ sentiment is the endless love toward the people. The meeting between them has marked in the stream of history about the two persons who have been well known by human.

    The images of Uncle Ho and Uncle Ton have been shining to the present and future with their creativity and virtues. Being young officers working at the Uncle-named Museum, we always learn the stories about Him and spread the propaganda of the great revolutionary career of President Ton Duc Thang. The public will have chance to learn and understand more about Uncle Ton and his family, about His simple daily life.

Extracted from “Uncle Ton (1888-1980)’s life and career”
Su That Publishing House

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